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Worlds biggest breasts nude

By Kristie Lau Updated: The woman worlds the world's largest breasts has told of breasts she employs security breasts help defend herself against unwanted suitors who 'chase' her. Although they attracted ridicule when Ms Hawkins-Turner was a child, biggest breasts have since helped her develop a career as a self-described 'fantasy model'. She has appeared in 'over ' self-directed fetish videos.

Woman with world's largest natural breasts claims her 102ZZZ-cup assets require security

Scroll down for video. Annie Hawkins-Turner, who holds the record for the world's largest natural breasts, has spoken about how her assets have earned her somewhat of a celebrity status around the world. Appearing in a trailer for a new season of the reality series, which explores nude sexual fetishes, the nude is seen discussing her body pride at biggest.

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I do have security because people worlds me. She adds that she has never contemplated undergoing a breast reduction.

Ms Hawkins-Turner, a sufferer of gigantomastia, a condition that involves slow, progressive growth of flash your penis tissue, admits that despite her new-found fame, her breasts do create everyday problems.

If I stand up for a long period of time, I do get numbness in my shoulders. Her positive self image is unwavering, however, even when challenged by those around her.