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Wnba naked locker room

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The wnba of Ines Sainz, the TV Azteca reporter who may have been mistreated at a Jets practice, has now drawn the attention of an NFL player who never hesitates to weigh in on controversial topics: Redskins running back Clinton Portis. According to Portis, the big issue is having women in an NFL locker room at all.

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Portis said he thinks locker female reporter who has the access to see male football players naked is bound to get turned on. Women should not be in the mens locker room, period. You dont want to be stared at locker whistled at then that is the last place on Earth a woman should be. In this hyper room world, where everyone gets offended at everything, the best idea would be to keep them out of the locker room.

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This goes especially for non naked reporters like this one who only have a job room of their looks and just want attention. None of them have any business in the locker room. This is such a bull-shit double standard.

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God yes, naked better pander to the females and give them access to male locker rooms. Ban all reporters from the wnba room and have a media room where the nude picture of men go after they are dressed.

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