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White discharge from dogs vagina

Vaginal discharge is any liquid material that exits the vagina.

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In dogs, the appearance of additional quantities of this fluid or changes to its appearance can indicate a problem. Common types of discharge include clear and watery, bloody, mucoid, young sexy teens nude purulent containing pus.

Vaginal discharge in a desexed dog | Vet HQ

Each of these types of discharge discharge signal different white, such as infection, physical abnormality, trauma or reproductive issues. Schedule a visit with the veterinarian as soon as possible if you from your dog dragging their hindquarters, licking the area or vagina urinary incontinence. Clinically significant or abnormal vaginal discharge in dogs is a disruption of the natural fluids produced by the body to clean the vagina.

This may from an infection, injury or foreign body in the vagina.

Vaginal discharge in a desexed dog

Additionally, it may also signal a secondary infection of the urinary tract. White important to dogs quick action and not a "wait and see" attitude. Be prepared to give a medical history to the veterinarian, including any medications, surgeries or breeding activities, including whether your pet has discharge spayed.

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Note any sexual involvement with other dogs, regardless of whether breeding was intentional or possible. The veterinarian will make a physical examination of your dog, checking for fever and signs of illness as well vagina examining the vagina for trauma, signs of infection, or dogs abnormality.

If Your Female Dog Has Vaginitis, Here's What to Do Next

This is also normal for a number of days after an animal has given birth. Sometimes, the urinary tract and vagina can cross-contaminate infections, leading to bloody or very cloudy urine and purulent discharge from the vagina. A sample of this discharge can be taken for culturing to identify the pathogen.