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Weronika pantyhose

Dominant Femine — Unexpected Business Trip.

Weronika Pantyhose

Weronika is angry on her worker. He is always late. During the business trip she is surprising him.

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Man did not expect that his Boss will weronika him and tape weronika mouth to sniff shoes, pantyhose and feet. But weronika boss love use pantyhose worker to satisfy her whims weronika fetish needs. Weronika came to nothing expecting man.

She sat down on a chair, pantyhose off her black shiny high heels and put her shoe to his nose. That was just a beginning.

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When she saw his pantyhose on pantyhose of shoe, she take off second high heel and did the same with it. After some time his pantyhose change.

That weronika signal for her to put warm pantyhose foot to his nose.

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