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Waiting to be spanked

I should imagine that waiting your turn for a spanking was a punishment in itself.

Waiting my turn

Knowing that what your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and spanked were going through, you still had coming. What are the thoughts and recollections of other members concerning this?

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I remember some occasions when I was in high school where several of us received a paddling as a group. I don't think I was ever the first waiting the group spanked get paddled. So during the time when I was watching the other boys receive their paddling prior to me, I do remember being very anxious, almost as if I had a knot in my stomach waiting to receive my paddling.

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The worst part inka just teen that you got to see just how many swats each boy was to receive and just how hard they were being hit! My parents didn't spank me or my sister.

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So when I got in trouble and my 5th grade teacher called me into the classroom cloakroom waiting my behavior I really didn't know what to expect.

I knew my teacher was one who doled out corporal punishment, because the whole class could hear the proceedings