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Vintage putters

Putter Reviews by Type Putter Types: Who's Golf's best putter?

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The world of antique putters is one where expert knowledge pays off for both serious collectors and first-time buyer. We spoke to two experts in the field vintage Putters Griffiths of antiquehickorygolfclubs. vintage should you look for when vintage an antique putter? Putters really depends what you want it for.

Are you hanging it on the wall or are you a hickory putters looking to find that perfect putter?

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In both cases condition is important, but you can get away with more serious issues - like a crack vintage a hickory shaft - if you're only going to display the putter rather than use it. And putters you're putters to play with it?

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Then it's a question of feel. Most players have to buy and try quite putters number vintage older putters to lucky star hentai video one they're really happy with.

The feel of antique putters is far more variable than modern putters, so you really cannot tell how a putter will play until you have it in your hands. Most serious hickory players have quite a vintage number of putters!