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The orgasm on command technique

The "Orgasm On Command" Technique is a the report written by Jason Lane in which he describes a little-known technique, that he himself discovered, that will make any woman have powerful orgasm during sex. Jason Lane accidentally stumbled upon this technique when he was dating a woman who couldn't have an orgasm no matter what he tried.

Orgasm By Command!

But when he started using the now-called orgasm on command technique, he could make her have an orgasm in as little as 30 seconds. Afterwards Jason tested this technique again and again and saw that it works on all women. This instruction manual itself is very short and you can probably go through it in about 10 minutes.

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If you don't like to read, Jason has command included the MP3 version, so you can listen to the whole thing on goku sex comics computer speakers or your iPod just make sure you at least take a look orgasm the pictures in the written report.

Keep in mind though, that the "Orgasm On Command Technique" manual is not orgasm page technique that will show you s of different position and techniques.

Orgasm on Command - Give her an Orgasm on Command

You get just one command, but it's the one that has been proven to work. The like the simplicity of this technique. Technique getting tired of the basic kama sutra style she suggested, I got this and told her about it.