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This was formerly New Teen Titans Volume 1, but was retitled "Tales of" from issue 41 onward nude the "New" title entered starfire second volume with a new cast.

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She is shown barefoot in a bikini. Wedges speaks to Barbara Gordon while Richard Grayson showers. In S2e6 "Date With Teen when a snobby blonde chick forces Robin to go on a date with her, Starfire freaks out to the point where she jumps right out of her boots.

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Only happens for a second, but you get a clear shot of both of her bare feet. She's also shown to have green toenails. In S "Transformation", during her transformation, her feet rip out of her shoes when they grow large and hairy.

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In "Dude Relax" she and Robin are both barefoot while getting facials. Starfire is shown barefooted when she is cover in chicken pox, then her right foot is expose when just as the new year is about to begin. Starfire is seen where high-heeled sandals titan expose her feet.

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