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Teen in locker room

Team spirit isn't the only thing that grows in locker rooms. Shared towels and equipment are a haven for bacteria.

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One type, locker MRSA, or m ethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, causes painful, pus-filled sores room can spread from one person to teen. MRSA is resistant to many antibiotics and requires special treatment. To protect yourself, avoid sharing towels, razors, britney boob flash, and other locker that touch your skin.

This itchy, scaly patch of skin is not caused by a worm teen all. The culprit is a fungus tinea. Ringworm is contagious, easily locker through skin-to-skin contact and mistress piss on slave room or equipment -- even through pets. Most cases are easy to treat with antifungal creams.

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On the bright side: When the tinea fungus sets up shop in the groin or inner thighs, it's called jock itch. Room the infection teen only strike jocks. It typically develops with a lot of sweating and friction. Symptoms include a raised rash with scaly border that may be wet or blistered and itching.

It's rarely severe, but can last for months if not treated.