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Spanked by a machine

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The domestic discipline machine for your erotic machine. A discreet machine, that you can mount onto most surfaces, just fix your favourite implement such as a wooden spoon, hairbrush etc Have you ever had the kof blue mary hentai of being spanked well now you can be in your own home without hiring a dominatrix to do so.

The Spanked Machine can offer gentle strokes or can give your awaiting arse the beating it's craving, you choose the intensity and speed of the whippings. Small, discreet and powerful, it can be easily stored awat discreetly and locked away in a drawer.

One Shots (18+)

It allows coupling domestic, or machine implements, that you desire. FAQs What domestic implements are recommended?

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For using belts we should cut a piece of cm, and make a wooden or plastic rigid guide along the belt. This rigid guide is spanked will be inserted on the coupler.

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Is it possible to use commercial paddles-canes?