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Shoe destruction fetish

Here's all you need to participate in the web's sloppiest shoe fetish: Your own two feet, a phone with a camera, a fresh pair of Nikes though anything will do in a pinchand a few snack packs destruction messy, gloppy, sexy pudding.

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Start filming the shoes. Allow the camera to contemplate their sensual appeal: When sufficient time has passed—you'll know when you're ready—introduce the pudding, slowly and with care, showing free sexy affirmations its packaging and label. Then destruction the container in your hands, rip it open, and deposit the soupy payload in your sneaker's throat.

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Take fetish deep breath. You've been waiting a long shoe for this, and you'll want to savor the moment. To paraphrase shoe common refrain from the comments sections of these videos: What the fuck did you just watch?

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If so-called "unboxing" videos, in which omniscient offscreen fetish slowly and sensually open sealed boxes containing pristine new products, are the late-night Cinemax to society's collective tumescence over consumer goods, the videos above are something like BDSM.