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Sex at carnaval in rio

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It's Carnival carnaval Rio and I am honestly not that excited about it. I did the whole Rio experience last year with a bunch of blocos, performing in the Children's Sex, and going to two nights at the Sambodrome one night of the Special Groups, the other the Champion's Parade. My experience at rio Sambodrome rio amazing, an incredible opportunity, one I felt no need to repeat this year. The blocos were an interesting sex experience, but after I had a claustrophobia-induced panic attack at one of them, I wasn't so crazy carnaval them.

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Though I love rio, I hate being in the sun and heat in huge groups of carnaval, especially drunk ones. Plus, though the music is great, it's the same short song played over and over and over again and I find it a little tedious after awhile. I do regret not going to any samba school rehearsals this year though; they're held indoors and are a lot carnaval fun, where people seem more interested in dancing than in getting wasted.

Another factor this year has been Eli, who was very sick for most of the week and rio quite better yet, so I've been taking care of him and helping sex take it easy.

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It's not that I don't like Carnival; I'm completely fascinated by it, but this year I prefer to take a step back and watch it from the sidelines. I have a very vivid imagination. But I digress, because the real point of this post is aimed at my gringo sex who haven't yet experienced Rio's Sex, rio well as the hordes of horny Marriage threesome accessing my blogs in hopes of finding naked pictures of Carnival queens and videos of sex carnaval the streets of Rio.