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I doubt that any of us have ever considered any of our past vice-presidential candidates a sex symbol.

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But if recent Internet searches are any measure of pics average American's current interest in politics, that may be changing. On the Richter scale of Sarah search energy, Republican presidential candidate John McCain's announcement on Friday that he had chosen Sarah Palin, the current governor of Alaska, as his nude mate measured a magnitude In just two days, the number of U.

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Internet searches for "Sarah Palin" reached a peak greater than any other political personality in the past three years. In the nude ending Aug. Of the 1, unique search queries containing "Sarah Palin" over the past four weeks, there were sarah that you'd normally expect to see regarding a newly named vice-presidential candidate: Pics if you look more carefully at the 1, searches Hitwise tracked, one of the most commonly entered palin topics surrounding Palin was "hot photos.

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Other queries common to the American public: Examining which of their search results Internet users click on provides additional palin on searchers' intent.