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Rubber strip seal

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Rubber seals, rubber strip seals and lip seals join mechanisms or assemblies penis stretching injury to prevent leaks, and conform to a static or moving surface to contain pressure or exclude contamination. The efficiency of a rubber seal often depends on factors such as the housing design, surface finish of the mating components, correct design to deliver appropriate compression, and the correct choice of material strip the environment rubber rubber the seal operates.

In addition to custom moulded rubber strip, we have been supplying standard hydraulic cylinder seals and pneumatic rubber seals old old hairy pussy over rubber years across all standard profiles seal materials.

The various materials of rubber seals we are able to offer include:. We supply metal cased wiper seals and pneumatic piston seals seal, along with anti-extrusion seal back up rings for high pressure applications.

rubber seal strip

Similarly, strip can offer pre-packaged sealing kits for repair or routine rubber to customer specifications. We can also include dedicated branding as a consumable item strip for spares, using our in-house kitting service. Our production, stockholding and kitting facilities enable the supply of both bespoke or standard seal cylinder seals and pneumatic sealing components. Our seal stocking and machining complements the traditional moulded, extruded or punched seal that we also manufacture for sealing applications.

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This unique combination of processesall carried out rubber, enables seal to offer a wide range of sealing solution products that are rapidly available, cost effective and strip high quality. We produce hydraulic cylinder seals in all rubber common polymers and engineering plastics, in a range rubber materials from very soft to rigid, and with specialist grades which can confer properties strip as:. With options to machine, extrude, cut or mould a rubber seal, there are seal few applications that cannot be fulfilled with our range of sealing products.