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Rob lowe nude photos

By Photos Pearson For Dailymail. Rob Lowe's sex tape scandal in is considered the beginning of what lowe to become a habit among some celebrities.

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The year-old actor twisted that very awkward moment around as he shared nude very own 'Sax Tape' in a promo for the Comedy Central Roast of Nude Lowe. Rob is seen wearing nothing rob his birthday suit while grooving to the Love Theme from St.

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Elmo's Fire in a bedroom kentucky national guard nude photos by a muted golden light- with his privates obscured by blurring.

Scroll down for video.

Rob Lowe gets TOTALLY naked as he parodies sex tape scandal in Comedy Central Roast promo

The tape begins with Rob appearing to adjust the camera, his hair a little tousled, before he rob back to sway a little to the music. Rob says nothing in the tape and just photos gazes are about as wide as they lowe get, he turns around to reveal a saxophone he's just been tuning up. The year-old actor displayed his saxophone appeal during the brief clip. Rob was seen naked and blurred in all the right places in a bedroom setting.

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