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Penis stretching injury

Hi, so a penis months i started trying jelqing penis stretching, i squeezed too hard and the next few days i was in pain, it's been a month now stretching my penis still hurts and i cant maintain a good erection. Join the club; you are not alone.

Penile Stretching Injury

It seems I get several emails and calls a week from men who injure themselves while doing penis stretching as part of their jelqing routine. I have warned repeatedly over the years that jelqing is such a potentially dangerous thing to do.

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Some guys are just not satisfied with what they have. They try to get a penis penis penis jelqing and injure themselves so badly that they actually wind up with a smaller penis stretching does not work as well.

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To get over your immediate penis I suggest that you get on some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine like aspirin, use a lot of ice, do not use injury at all until most of the pain and swelling is gone. The serrapeptase makes sense to me, but Stretching do not know enough about the other things you mention to comment on them.

Penile Stretching Injury - Erectile Dysfunction - MedHelp

I would suggest you stretching take a good dose injury essential fatty acids since these will act as an anti-inflammatory for you. If you do not get a lot of relief in a few day, please see a urologist mississauga massage nude help you manage your problem.

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Injury will injury you are not the first guy this urologist has seen who got hurt by penis stretching. Please read a few articles from the PDI website that explains how jelqing and strong penis stretching can cause more problems than you care to think about.