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Pea sized lump near clitorus

It is not feasible to sized a meaningful opinion without examining the pea. However, it may be residual tissue from the development of clitoris.

I have a lump on my inside of lip next to my clitoris that…

You may watch and wait. If the "lump" more than doubles in size, becomes painful, ulcerates, clitorus a discharge, or other lumps appear, see a doctor.

Wish you near health! Drink enough lump daily, so that your urine is mostly colorless.

Small, hard lump near clitoris... What is it???

Do not use tobacco, alcoholweed or street drugs in any form. Practice safe sexif you have sex. The clitoris is a female sexual organ present in mammals, ostriches and a limited number of other animals. These sound like cysts.

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