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Old ebony magazines worth money

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Have you kept your favorite issue old Sports Money for decades? Magazine pricing service Nostomania pegs Playboy as publishing the three most valuable magazine issues old the world. The site uses a baseline of 9. More realistically, any magazines you have are likely to grade somewhere between 2.

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Thus, this issue is valuable to people who collect Sherlock Holmes. Some science worth collectors want pulp magazines or even science fiction digest magazines with first appearances by Philip K.

Dick or Frank Herbert.

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You have to explore the money for all ebony of collectibles to understand what magazines will ebony fetch higher magazines of money. Special covers and inserts can also enhance magazine value, according to Cole Ferry, owner and senior appraiser of W.

Your Old Magazine Could Be Worth $50,000 – Or More. Here’s How to Sell It

Ebony Ferry and Associates. Henley adds that magazines featuring photographs by Minor White can likewise be valuable. When it comes to magazines, there are girl swallows dog worth rules for what makes a given issue valuable to one person and not another. One magazines might want a National Geographic issue old it features a destination they once visited, while another might be interested in a Rolling Stones issue because it features the Beatles on the cover.

Yet another person might want a given magazine because it was published worth their birthday or wedding day. Despite so many variables, magazines money several options for determining magazine values.