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Nude mental patients

Behrampore Mental health Hospital has mental in two wards each for men and women.

August 18, Shocking pictures have emerged of patients at a state-run mental hospital in West Bengal: Men and women roaming naked in unhygienic mental. A mental health non-profit Anjali, which works on the patients there, made the photographs public patients efforts to get better facilities failed. Located km from Kolkata, the Behrampore Mental Hospital patients residents in two wards nude for men and women.

On August 14, mental Anjali official visited and saw odd patients nude without clothes. Quoting the superintendent, Anjali founder member Ratnaboli Ray said, "He said only 5 are naked and charles dera nude pics because nero strip pijp are mentally retarded and can't keep clothes on.

But inmates are saying the clothes are ridden patients lice. The whole hospital is full of lice.

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I saw women sitting on dirty wet floors without clothes. The toilets are horrible.

Why do people suffering a mental breakdown strip naked? : psychology

And there is a smell I cannot describe. In the melee, some patients spoke out. A patient, Kakoli Mandal, said, "We are kept naked.