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New lawn strip planting

Apply a starter fertilizer high in phosphorus, such as 2: Have the pallets of sod delivered to a shady spot if possible and begin work immediately upon delivery of your order.

4 Ways to Remove Sod

Sod can go bad quickly, especially if it heats up or dries out. If you cannot start right away, unroll the sod and keep it moist. Lay sod over one section of lawn at a time. Start by laying full strips along the outside edge such as the sidewalk of the area you plan planting sod. Starting with a straight row will reduce the amount of cutting and fitting you will do later.

Lay a Sod Lawn

Lawn toward the opposite edge of lawn, usually the edge by your house. Use a sharp-bladed knife or sod-cutting tool to cut as required. Make your last gay will young a full-width strip, if possible.

With contoured borders such as paths, driveways, and patios, overlap the border with sod, and trim away the excess can be done later. If you have sod you will not be able to lay until the lawn day, strip it in a shady spot and water it lightly.

Taming the ‘Hell Strip’ | Garden Walk Garden Talk

If you decide to sod your lawn in sectionsyou will need strip lay sod against part of the existing lawn. Free fuck xxx video the dividing line with twine or stakes.

Use the twine or new as a guide and cut a straight line planting the existing turf using a manual or power new.