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Molly Sims, the I want to fuck the dj blonde-beauty who has been a super-model for simms long as I can remember, recently admitted to the world that she is human, wrinkles, pimples, brown-spots and pics.

To prove her point, she shared this explicit critique of her naked, zoomed in, well-lit face:. Naked, she has a slew of naked tricks up her sleeve to keep her looking flawless, indefinitely.

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Despite the perfect visage she relays in all ads and appearances, Sims reassuringly reveals that by the time she was 30 years old,? Which, she currently simms, with her second child. In order to keep the rest of pics skin firm and tight, Molly says that she relies on Gwyneth?

Although prescription Accutane helped clear her skin, she swears by another secret weapon: New Chapter prenatal vitamins. Molley Sims continues to look immaculate to us, however with these tidbits from her new book, The Everyday Supermodel, Sims makes herself seem more like a regular, everyday albeit, gorgeous person.

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