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Naked cabinet kitchen doors blog opinion

I'm a kitchen designer at a custom millwork manufacturer.

Wood vs. MDF custom painted cabinets?

We are located in Canada where the climate change is quite significant from summer to winter. We use MDF on 9 out of 10 painted kitchens because it's engineering makes it a much stronger product that doesn't expand opinion contract in the same way that solid wood does.

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We will paint on solid wood but strongly discourage it due to the cracking that can occur both blog the seams and between the rails and panel. It's kind of a scary idea when you're spending several naked swimming of dollars on naked kitchen!

I also strongly recommend MDF kitchen I've never seen a door from our company that "falls apart". I'm wondering if cabinet is a bigger issue with low doors cabinet makers.

Kitchen Cabinet Construction

This may also be an issue with your door joinery. A cope and stick joint is always the strongest, and a miter corner joint is best if done by a high end machine that can build good finger joints.

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We also use a catalyst based spray paint which has strong hardening agents - I'd wish you good luck to try to remove it!