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Ms krazie fuck love

Lyrics Album list Related Video Ms. And I went off and all the world everybody qoin' in it, Down a couple shots With the homies til I finish.

You Never Mattered (Fuck Love)

Bottles up plus I thought fuck all those times you used to hold me Cryin' love fuck long with some stupid shit u told me. Talkn' on the phone with ma best Homeqirl; askin' if she saw u with some otha qirl.

But it all remained the samee you Wer a perro but I sooprbrane bondage stories love know that back then ya fuck me acuerdo. It didn't matter, I was on thee other hood. Ma Homitaz let me know you chu was up krazie no qood; But I smiled cause I thought nah, this can't bee true.

When in fact dam I always knew and wat Was I suppose to do, 1day you treated me like shit And you would try to act all crazy.

MS Krazie - You Never Mattered (Fuck Love) - Ouvir Música

Krazie never all tha shit that we went thru So qo ahead and do your thinq all you want now cause I don't qiva a fuk U ain't krazie me waitin up It never mattered all those thinqs that u toldd me. That I'm a biq time freak shit?

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Thanx to you I Qot a qana a vatos tryna qet to noe me. You tryna play the victim? THats a jueqo I ain't playin. You stupidd mutha fucker I'm jst makin love mature oldies sex hurted.