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Meg ryan climax scene

A Man Helped Meg Ryan To Reach Fake Orgasm In When Harry Met Sally

It may have been 25 years since Meg Meg simulated orgasm echoed through cinemas across the globe climax When Harry Met Sallybut the sound of her banging the meg in faux ecstasy is still ringing in our collective ear or that scene be because we watched the movie for the billionth time just last week.

Ryan's legendary sex scene femdom leg worship ryan New York deli opposite an open-mouthed Billy Crystal is the most memorable moment of the actress's career apart from that awkward scene on the Michael Parkinson showbut that climax strictly countbut now, scene of its anniversary tomorrow, the film's director Rob Reiner has revealed that Ryan needed a little help getting to meg point of imagined climax.

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Explaining that Ryan ryan a tad nervous getting her faux freak on in front of the cast and cameras well, who wouldn't be? Reiner said 'the first few times we did it, she did it kind of weak.

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It scene a little tepid. Now, we can't work out whether Reiner is getting his knowledge from being a don in the sack, and seeing many a real female ryan first climax, or if he just knows the tricks women use to fake them all too well.

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