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Mark consuelos nude

Here consuelos 42 foxy photos in celebration of the big day — one for every year Mark has graced us with his devastating nude looks.


Enjoy, we nude we have! Just one look at Consuelos' winning smile makes our knees immediately go weak. We imagine the long time soap star sporting a similar grin today as he celebrates.

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Now, if sex pictures galleries coed pictures that invitation would make its way into our mailbox already so we could witness its glory in person. Though he was born in Mark he can thank the mix of his Mexican father and Italian mother for some of his most fetching features.

Mark Consuelos is impossibly handsome and well-built.\ \

Despite his many adoring fans Consuelos manages to stay both humble and hot at the same time! We would be fawning all over the endearing actor as well. Check out how delectably dapper Consuleos looks here dressed to the nines!

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He certainly looks like a winner here! We can almost see some semblance of Spivey, the dark and demented character Consuelos played on the consuelos season of American Horror Story.