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It was no more than a 10 minute drive. Up to that nudes, Christmases had been a mixed bag. Sure, we had our traditions and they were fine and all, but at some christmas the highlight male Christmases was the anticipation. The actual payoff was often a letdown.

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Most of my Christmas memories were created at my grandparents home. We lived in the town of Bellingham, Male, the last major coastal city before you hit the Canadian border.

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My grandparents lived in a small nudes community called Emerson or Eversonabout 15 minutes away. We always ventured out there after our Christmas morning to bask in the family tradition of cigarette smoke, alcohol, and the occasional vasectomy performed on my uncles by another uncle.

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But that is for another chapter at a different time. There was also the other time christmas one of my cousins stabbed my brother with a lead pencil and a free teen slut pictures uproar ensued. My brother, Vincent, never forgave our cousin Paul.

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Growing up, I can only recall one especially positive Christmas. It was the Christmas of my third grade year, the last Christmas we spent as a family, meaning it was the last Christmas we spent in the house that both sides of my family built just for us.

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