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Male male spank stories

These stories cover the entire range of discipline scenarios: Here you will find magical yarns, sci-fi and historical epics, fan-fiction, humour, poetry and more!

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While some spank in this archive are or claim to be based on real incidents, most are total fiction or anything inbetween that weaves real life and what-might-have-been Not every article is pro-discipline. This is a place for stories to share fantasies, relate experiences and obtain understanding, Spank parental advice, which is a matter for individual conscience and local legislation.

Gay spank stories

We do not accept stories that we believe are celeb nude fakes list male of actual physical child abuse posted for male salacious reasons, or ones that openly encourage such abuse male adults. There is a widespread human fascination with domination, submission and discipline, and it is an undeniable truth that many people of all ages and in all cultures find corporal punishment situations exciting and erotic male either participants or voyeurs.

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This archive acknowledges, explores and celebrates that fact. Some of the stories are stories quite sexually explicit, and while not all the stories are gay-themed, many do have a high degree of homoerotic content.