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Louisiana vintage bottles

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Soda louisiana mineral water generally just called "soda water" or "soda" here unless a distinction vintage necessary was bottled in a relatively diverse louisiana of bottle styles katy marie johnson nude indicated vintage the grouping pictured above. Bottles made to withstand internal carbonation pressure were known as "pressure ware" in the bottle making industry [Glass Industry ].

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The bottles also had to be able to survive the rigors of the high pressure bottling process as well as the extensive post-bottling handling and use since soda water bottles were typically re-used many times. This is evidenced by extensive base and side wear to many examples. In fact, similar to beer bottles, many most?

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The Hutchinson vintage pictured to the louisiana left has significant wear to the high points of the embossing from vintage contact with its neighbors in bottle cases and from the bottling process. Not surprisingly, this is often called "case wear. Also contributing bottles a degree bottles uniformity and related to the carbonation is the fact that a large majority bottles soda water bottles were round in cross section - cylindrical.

Louisiana, rectangular, or other highly angular body shapes are unknown with some notable exceptions. Soda water was frequently bottled in heavy glass 8 to 10 sided bottles and rarely 6 or 12 sides. A picture of an 8-sided example from the bottles is to the right.