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So Erin offers Corinna a massage. The massage lasts a few minutes before Erin gets Corinna to take off her clothes.

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But why does Erin need to take hers off? Erin has cute little-girl breasts, while Corinna has very full round ones.

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Erin is not one bit awkward lesbian she rubs and licks Corinna. She turns her on her stomach and you get some great shots of her as she dives into Corinna on all fours.

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The views are great all over. Corinna has a girls body, and looks so sexy as she gazes at Erin with pure lust.

But the last 10 minutes will knock your socks off and any other clothing you happen to still be wearing. The close-ups of the girls licking and rubbing each other are stunning and sexy. With 8 minutes of cute and funny outtakes showing the girls getting dressed and undressed.

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Clion Tnv there be any doubt - now - that TNV can top any release with one that's even better than their last? This video is, in my opinion, as close to perfect as one is ever going to find.

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The setting is perfect; the girls are perfect; the action is perfect; and even the camera work is the best I've seen in any production - pro or amateur.

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