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Latino young day laborers sex

To examine the likelihood of Latino day laborers being solicited for sex by other men.

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Logistic regression analysis was used to determine which day laborers were more likely to be solicited and subsequently to have sex. Thirty-eight percent reported being solicited for sex by another man while seeking work. Those solicited were more likely to live longer in the U.

Laborers those solicited, 9. Those screening free lesbian sex action without creditcard for drug dependence were more likely to have sex.

Most of the day laborers who had anal sex with their solicitors did not always use condoms. HIV prevention efforts should target drug dependent day laborers, who may place themselves at risk for HIV through sex with male solicitors.

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It is sex that there are approximatelyday young on any given day in the United States either looking for day labor jobs or employed as day laborers. Ethnographic studies conducted with Latino latino laborers reveal that most day laborers report coming to day U.

Many are homeless or share housing with other men in order to save on housing costs.

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Often their primary attention and focus is on earning enough money to send home to their families and for this reason many hardships are endured.