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Ladyboy massage in chiang mai

Believe it or not but the gay scene in Chiang Mai is huge, not as large as the girly scene but there are probably more places to hang for a gay guy in Chiang Mai than there is for guys seeking girls.

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Gay massages are really big in Chiang Mai and probably do more business than their hetrosexual cousins. There are also two massive gay clubs in Chiang Mai as well Mandalay being the most well known but isn't very Chiang friendly as they charge farang baht just chiang walk in the door. But this year saw the opening of the Sea Man pub.

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I hate Mandalay but I got a chance to check out the Sea man pub which was new clean and farang friendly. I liked it a lalana teen model even though I'm not even slightly gay.

Popular Gay Nightlife areas in Chiang Mai | Living Thai

I don't know a great deal about the gay scene but a massage blokes I know have shared their experiences. I thought that was weired but then again I've met plenty of lesbian go go dancers who just go with guys for the money.

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The Gay scene here you'll get either mai real gay, the fake gay, and the ladyboy. I thought it was weired the ladyboys were even in the club because guys keep saying to me if you like a ladyboy your not gay.

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Loi Kroh Road Massage

I don't get it but yeah they are still there. The guys who are not gay work it because they get the money, they do not like being bottoms but will hand you or smoke you no problem. It's generally good to ask in advance what they like to do. Now this is NOT a complete guide to Gay massage parlors and pubs because frankly it's ladyboy really for me and I really don't care to go through all these places.

I also can't offer details on them either because I've never mai used the massage.