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Kate pierson nude photo

Would guess this photo taken several years ago. Hell, she's fucking smokin' with her clothes on.

Nude pics of Kate Pierson from B52's on Perez Hilton

At the recent Kate Colors concert in Toronto, she yelled out somthing like, "Don't forget to vote! Everyone looked nude each other in puzzlement wondering what the hell she was talking about. One big dyke behind me yelled out, "You're in Canada, you idiot!

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Is pierson really a fake pic? I kind of love the idea that a pissed off former spa castle gay lesbian lover did this out of sheer, pure, scorned hatred.


Kate Pierson nude Would guess this was taken several years ago. She looks amazingly normal without the bouffant. I see the carpet matches the drapes.

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A lot of women her age would kill to look like that. I love Kate, but she's a bit dim.