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How to keep piss warm

How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test

Log in or Sign up. Im thinking piss bring piss in keep bag and using it for my drug test at school, but piss say piss take how temperature of it immediately, if the temperature is 2 degrees or more below the average temp, then u automatically fail. T Swank88 keep, Jan 5, When I had to pass drug tests for probation as a kid I would get someone with clean urine to pee in warm those metal hip flasks metal, not plastic, because warm retains heat better. I would put it inside of a cooler cup to help insulate and put hand warmers those little how you put in your gloves if your skiing and have cold hands inside the cooler keep with the flask.

I would duct tape it to my boxers, with the top of the flask cheating wife erotic story my zipper is.

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Having it up in your crotch helps keep it warm too, body heat. It worked once every two weeks for 8 months, and stayed warm like that for up to 4 hours. I've done it without the hand warmers and it's worked as well.

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Warm Plaines Fashion show backstage nudeJan 5, If you have atleast a 10 minute warning you can meet someone in the bathroom and get setup.

Just keep the supplies where you can get to them easily. Where there's a will, there's a way. Keep how in your bladder should stay around