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She then climbs into bed with a guy and takes his hand and rubs the back nude it on her right breast while lying on her side next to him.

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Helen Hunt undressing as a guy lies on hunt bed and watches her nude her underwear and bra off to scenes full-frontal nudity before she climbs into bed with him. We then see nude right breast as she lies on her side and reaches her hand down to stimulate the guy. Helen then climbs on top of him and we see her butt and breast while attempting to have sex with him. Helen Hunt taking her shirt off helen revealing cleavage in a bra as she walks pussy clit close up to a guy who is lying on a bed helen sits down next to him.

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We then see Helen naked from behind as she straddles his face so that he can go down on her. Again we see bare butt from Helen as she lies on her stomach next to the guy in bed, then walks away into a bathroom. We get one more final view from behind as she briefly has scenes on top of the guy and flashes helen left breast when rolling over in bed.