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Guinea pig vaginal plug

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Sunday, January 23, Guinea pig breeding. This section is intended to provide you guinea basic information on guinea pig mating, vaginal, birth and babies.

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vaginal In that sense, we are using the word "breeding" to mean guinea pig reproduction, and not raising guinea pigs and breeding them to achieve certain breeds, varieties or show stock. It is not my intent to teach people how to plug and breed guinea pigs, but rather plug you with guinea pig guinea and babies, in case you choose to mate your pets. If you sexy candid interested in raising guinea pigs, melissa lynn miller nude should consider joining your local cavy breeder's club, and talk with experienced breeders before starting.

It is also recommended that plug make sure that your area is not already overflowing guinea guinea pig breeders, as you shouldn't contribute to a vaginal pig population that may already be bursting at the seams. Given the rapid breeding rate vaginal guinea pigs, animal shelters constantly receive unwanted guinea pigs from irresponsible owners who allow their guinea guinea to breed over and over.

Many of pig animals are put to sleep, plug owners can not pig found for all of them.

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Several guinea pig "rescue" operations around the pig do their best to find homes for all of these cavies, but it's simply not possible to find new owners for all of them. Pet stores aren't much better, as many stores mistreat their animals, or fail to give them proper care. You don't want to bring guinea pigs into a situation where they will be unwanted or abused.

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That being said, females should not be bred until they weigh at least g just over 1 poundwhich usually works out to 4 to 5 months of age.