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Gilian chung nude photo

Gillian Chung, one of several prominent Hong Kong stars caught up in a nude photo scandal, Monday apologized for the incident that has sparked arrests and a media frenzy.

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Gillian Chung L apologizes chung her first public comments for the incident that has sparked arrests and a media frenzy. Chung, 27, previously known for her squeaky-clean image, made her eagerly awaited statement before a mass of reporters and video cameras flanked by Charlene Choi, photo singing partner in the female pop duo Twins. The photographs, which appear to show Gilian naked in bed with male star Edison Chen, and chung images purportedly gilian around half a dozen other celebrities, jenna jameson pussy eating actress Cecilia Cheung, were recently posted photo, provoking blanket tabloid coverage in nude Hong Kong.

Gillian Chung

Edison Chen, 27, apologized last week in a video statement, and called the postings of chung photographs "intentionally hurtful and malicious. The scandal, which involved several local celebrities, has dominated Hong Gilian headlines in the past two weeks. Other nude photos photo actress Cecilia Cheung and five other women. Gillian Chung R puts on natural performance on the party Monday, Feb 11, seemingly not affected by the nude photo incident that has sparked arrests and nude media frenzy.

02/ Gillian Chung talks about sex photo scandal | South China Morning Post

Chung's management company, Emperor Entertainment Group, said Monday it would not comment on the nude again. It earlier said the photos had been digitally altered. Last week, Hong Kong police said officers had found the source of the photos, seizing more than 1, obscene pictures involving six women.

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