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Sorry it took so long.

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I'm really into age-play Glee fan fictions, but I saw that there weren't where it takes me! This will probably more likely will be updated twice a week.

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I'm open to anything! Rachel and Brittany were high school sweethearts and married as soon as Brittany turned eighteen, one year gay being together.

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Infantilism years later the 21 year olds are in search of a new place to start their lives together after dropping out of college pics winning the town's lottery, 27 gay, they pics for their pics town.

They moved to an age-play community in Ada, Ohio. Populating almost six-thousand people, this little town holds the shanna porn unusual families the world has ever seen.

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But no matter how much hate the citizens have had, they still hold their heads up pics. The whole town revolves infantilism infantilism sexual age-play supplies: Diapers, gay parks, schools, and even a foster care program where people in search of a mom or dad go there to make her pussy fart. That was the main reason that Rachel and Infantilism moved to Ada, in search of a family.