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Gay accomodations in rome italy

I wish they would have told me this before I booked my trip. I'm from LA so it doesn't bother be but my girlfriend was very upset.

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Accomodations we couldn't stay. Yes it's a clean hotel and great location. But it's a gay guys hotel I don't mean a gay just works there I mean its got lots of photos of guys with guys almost naked all over the hotel and room.

Hardcore Gay hotel not for everyone - B&B Second Floor

I've never seen this even in a straight hotel. If they italy this type of hotel they really gay post this type of info and tell everyone before they book. They didn't give me my money back and treated me like it was my fault. It's not my fault my girlfriend doesn't want to sleep in a bed with photos of guys kissing next to the bed.

I don't put photos nude photo veronika zemanova of me kissing my girlfriend in front of rome why they sleep.

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