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Nudifier Make people in photos look faux naked. Featured 4 years ago. Nudifier maker an app that makes anybody look naked How to Make Any Photo Look Like a Censored Nude Using Nudifier There's nothing more embarrassing nude a nude photo being viewed by nude other than its intended recipient-just pic any celebrity whose phone or email has been hacked.

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That's why pic nude photos make such great pranks. You get a good laugh, but your friends can't be too pissed if the photos aren't real.

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For example, many cable channels pixelize exposed body parts so that they can air it on TV. People have since moved gay host bar to use other forms of censorship, like blurring out the offending parts or faces.

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Would you recommend Nudifier to a fake Makers There are no makers yet. You need to become a Contributor to join the discussion - Find out how. This app is hilariously fun. It draws a maker blur over the color of a person's skin giving the impression they are nude.