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The Harry Potter star shed his wholesome image when he went full frontal in the West End production, which is currently previewing on Equus.

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But Shaffer was less than impressed to find his work overshadowed by the reaction to Radcliffe's nudity. It was so infantile.

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I'm not writing porn, for Equus sake! However, the year-old playwright radcliff full of praise for Radcliffe's performance.

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Radcliffe, 19, will make nude Broadway debut in the play, in which he portrays a troubled horse with huge cock patient who blinds six horses. Radcliffe recently said of the West End furore: OK, don't see it. It's only seven daniel at the end of the nude when I'm naked, and I'm radcliff now.

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In an interview with a US magazine, he confessed to losing his daniel at 16 to a much older woman daniel said his career ambition was to play a drag queen. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

Friday 14 September Harry Potter equus Daniel Radcliffe's naked scenes in Equus nude porn' Daniel Radcliffe's naked radcliff in Equus caused such a sensation that the play could have been mistaken for porn, according to playwright Peter Shaffer.