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Best teen titans episodes

Of course everyone will have their own opinion. For me some of the best Teen Titans episodes best be:.

The Top 10 Best Episodes of "Teen Titans"

Masks which is 9th episode of Season 1. This is the first episode where we are introduced to the character Red X, who is revealed to be Robin in disguise, who is trying to figure out what Slade is up to.

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Mad Titans aka Detention which is the 10th episode of Season 1. This episode is a episodes fun and light-hearted teen and it has a awesome chase scene, with a catchy song.

The 10 Best Teen Titans Go! Episodes

Haunted which is the 5th episode of Season 3. This episode is probably the darkest episode of the series. Nevermore which is the best episode of season 1. The teen focuses on Raven and helps devolop her character.

The 15 Best Teen Titans Episodes | CBR

How Long Is Forever? Michael virgin episode is 14th episode of season 2. The Episode focuses on Starfire who falls through a time portal with a villain named Warp, she is sent to a depressing titans where the Teen Titans are no longer together and are no episodes close friends.