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Be careful with my heart january 24 2014 pinaytambayan


Do you missed Phlippines? Chat with our friendly citizens. It is also broadcast worldwide on The Filipino Channel. It is topbilled by Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap.

Be careful with my Heart january 24 2014 pinaytambayan

A simple girl, Maya dela Rosa Jodi Sta. Money is often less than the living expenses and household repairs.

Cristina Rose hopes to work at sea, while Maya dreams of becoming a flight stewardess. Unfortunately, Maya became a victim of a swindler employer. Without any second thoughts, Maya accepted Richard's offer, since Maya knows that Richard is her last hope because of his influence in the airline industry.

With this in mind, will Maya ever achieve her dreams as a Flight Stewardess even though she started as a nanny to Abby?