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Assumption is the mother of all screw ups meaning

Assumption is the mother of all… problems

We all do it. This whole blog is about me making assumptions.

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We have no choice but to assume everything. Yes, it is the mother of all fuck ups. Assuming that something is the truth only leads to disaster.

Assumption is the Mother of All F*** Ups

Assuming what people might do, assuming what they might be thinking. Without assumption, we have nothing else. How we perceive things; Nothing else.

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Absolutely everything else is just assumption. Funny thing because they say you should never assume anything.

Assumption; the mother of all fuck ups. | somelightreading

Fair enough, we live in a world that has rules and constants. Assuming that gravity is there because things fall to the ground. How do we really know that this is true? Science is nothing but theory. Theories based on assumptions and tests that produce the same recurring result.

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