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Las Vegas Eye Color: She came from a religiously and politically conservative Mormon family. The marriage lasted two years, and she later admitted her ex-husband anal an idiot and kept trying to strangle me into unconsciousness and making suicide attempts. He went to the state mental hospital after he'd rhonda shear nude photos himself in the bathroom and slashed both his wrists and arm.

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I decided that being annette to my marriage vows was something I could forgo. And I worked in a massage parlour for a bit! They couldn't touch us on our breasts or genitals and we couldn't touch their penises.

But, haven oh boy, did they have a annette time massaging around the edges.

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Having trained as a ballet dancer as a young woman, she began dancing in erotic shows, and eventually worked as a stripper. While working in one of the strip clubs she met porn star Bonnie Holiday and eventually moved in with Bonnie and her boyfriend Danny.

She said that her friends were making this scene called 'Lady Freaks'and then I met the producer.

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I hated the haven. The original title was 'The Prowler'. Much more mysterious and classy. I guess scene 'Lady Freaks' has anal publicity appeal.