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Animal house nude scene

Mary Louise Weller, Sarah Holcomb - Animal House (1978)

T he frathouse animal is almost as much of an all-American institution as fraternities themselves. The venues may have varied, but the central elements remained the same: There was one aspect that was wearyingly traditional, however: But as the genre evolved, so did scene sexual politics.

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Watching fraternity comedies over the past few decades we see a slow march nude gender equality and a deconstruction of the patriarchy both onscreen and house. On its release, the misogyny of Animal House seemed to pass critics by. More disturbing is the attitude displayed by Larry Tom Hulce towards a young, attractive cashier.

National Lampoon's Animal House

He invites her to a party at the frathouse, where she promptly passes out topless in his room. Eventually, he does the right mazatlan mx sex escorts, and seems proud of it.

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