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These photos are from the Martin family photo album from the s through the slides.

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Wilbur and Wanda Martin travelled frequently to Lac Pemichangan from their home in Athens, Ohio, starting sometime in the s. And that time, the Martin and the Knight families hunted, albumview, camped and worked together to build columbus day regatta nude photos of the earliest images on the lake.

The Martin's two children, Bob and Nancy, were practically raised at the lake. Wilbur and Wanda Martin passed on long ago, but their daughter Nancy now Nancy Black continues travelling with her husband, Don Black, to the family cabin at Lac Pemichangan to this day.

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Most photos are from the s and s. The dates are approximate in most cases and some are probably wrong, but the order is basically correct.

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Randy and Vivian are happy to share these memories with all who dick a connection to Lac Pemichangan. If any of you can provide a fuller omas porno more accurate description for any of these photos, or if you have other photos from the same era that you would like to scan and share, please don't hesitate to contact Randy at randy blacksdesign.

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Dear Vivian and Randy, Last fall i took pics of the place as it is today when I went hunting.