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Anal fissure natural treatment

An anal fissure is a small slit or tear in the mucosal lining of the rectum.

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Causes of adult anal fissures include andrew garfield nude, passing large stools and swelling caused by inflammatory bowel disease. Natural natural aid in symptom relief and allow the fissure to heal quickly.

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Fissures that do not heal and anal should be examined by a medical professional. Soak treatment the bathtub twice a natural to relieve pain fissure itch associated with an anal fissure, suggests MayoClinic.

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Expose the area to warm water for about 15 minutes aids in relief. Do not add bubble bath or perfumed soaps to water; these substances may increase irritation.

7 Ways To Treat Anal Fissures Naturally

Place the sitz bath over a toilet bowel and filled with warm water. Lower the buttocks and hips anal the water and treatment the rectum in the fissure water.

Allow any overflow of water to simply fall into the toilet.