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Bashing exotic opponents with gigantic fantasy swords is brilliant. Sensibly ditching the logic that says that being hit with a giant, medieval zweihander would cut you in half, its effect is downgraded to just driving you into the floor or knocking you into the sky.

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You can swipe people with a katana, prod them with a rapier, poke them with a pole or play a nunchaku drum solo on their rib cage. And best of all, you can smash their trousers with a hammer and make them fight in their underwear. This makes it a much easier game to bluff your way from than Tekken or Virtua Fighter: Now repetitive hits to the same area will deplete nude new Calibur Gauge, turning it from blue to amy.

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Oh, and letting you see their underwear. The saucy corset-panty ensembles are thrown into sharp relief by the lovely environments, best of which are the exteriors. You might be too busy but spectators can marvel at the dodos, lizardmen soul carousel puppets.

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Each background has its own ring-out areas and smashable bits, and each subtly pigtail porn xxx the way you tackle fights.