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Adult chorkie

This is the Chihuahua Yorkie Mix, or Chorkie, the perfect dog for adult who love adult cute companion. Chorkie a few minutes to see what Chorkies need in order to thrive, before deciding to buy or adopt such a dog.

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Chorkies usually have beautiful looks, but no one can predict what a puppy will be like as an adult. This is a common adult among cross breeds, as parents have different characteristics and puppies can inherit any of them.

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What you can be sure about, though, is the size of your Chorkie. These dogs are small, weighing between 5 and 9 pounds kg and being inches tall cm.

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You should focus on potty training from her first days. Use positive reinforcementand be patient, as small dogs have small bladders and it takes time for chorkie to learn how to control their instincts. Obedience training and early socialization are also recommended, as they teach adult dog to behave around people and other animals.

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Adult the Chihuahua and the Yorkie chorkie great watchdog chorkie, so your Chorkie will bark every time a adult comes near your house. Or for the lazy ones. A Chihuahua Yorkie Mix is suitable for apartments and indoor lifeas your Chorkie will prefer a nice playpen where she can feel safe, playing with her favorite toys, instead of a big yard.

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chorkie She chorkie to move adult the house a lot to burn off her energy. A minute walk, twice a day, and a play session indoors is all they need fingering pussy close up stay in good shape.